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Katrin Dreiling

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Katrin Dreiling

Katrin Dreiling wants to live in a world where children’s books are remembered because they make children laugh, gasp and

wonder. Ever since leaving her well-paid job as a highschool language teacher, Katrin has been busy creating illustrations for just these kinds of books – living merely of water, bread and chocolate.


Katrin has recently won second place in this year's CYA illustration competition. Being a self-published author/illustrator, she is also an active member of BIG, SCBWI and WriteLinks. She has done the illustrations for several highly popular, animated university lectures.


When Katrin hasn’t locked herself into her tiny studio together with her huge, always hungry canine assistant, you can find her giving noisy art classes to her three children and their friends. She might also watch a Marvel movie or read a blood-curdling crime novel.