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Joanne Brooker

Joanne Brooker's creative talent and painting skills have established her as one of the worlds most exciting and original artists specializing in portraiture and caricature.

Under the name, Applegate, Joanne created editorial illustration for News Ltd newspapers for ten years.


Winning awards including Best Artist at the Queensland Media Awards on four occasions, Best Artist, Best Caricaturist and Best Realistic Illustration at the Stanley awards for Media, NSW Journalist Best Artwork as well as dozens of other media art awards has recognized Joanne has a top professional media artist.


After leaving the newspaper world in 2001 Joanne was encouraged to pursue her interest overseas. Since 2002 Joanne has worked throughout China as a Caricature Entertainer.


Joanne's dedication to her craft encouraged her to undertake a solo journey to Iran during the Danish cartoon protests in order to understand the power of political cartooning. Joanne will be returning to Iran to meet again the many wonderful artists she met on that journey and to research her next book... Hunting Mermaids.


Invited to exhibit around the world, Joanne has traveled to South America, India, Asia, Spain, China, Turkey, Dubai and now lives in Queensland, Australia.

Joanne has been published worldwide as an artist, photographer and writer.

Joanne is an award winning professional media artist that understands the creative process of art and its application.