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Boaz Paz

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Boaz Paz

Boaz Paz is an illustrator. He has been one ever since he was 6 years old when he decided, to his parents’ dismay, to colorfully paint the living room walls. Fortunately, he has somewhat improved since, and has developed a diverse set of skills ranging from graphic design to digital illustration and 2D animation.


Having lived most of his life in Israel, Boaz now resides in Brisbane. He has worked for computer games companies, where he created concept art, character and background design and graphic design. He has also illustrated two children’s books in Hebrew and created art for a children’s literature exhibition in Israel. In addition, he has created many interactive illustrated presentations for an Israeli art museum.


Being largely self-taught, Boaz finds great delight in knowing that there is always much more to learn. Graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator are his true passion, and he has been the lecturer and instructor of multiple courses on these topics.


Boaz loves animals, photography and books. And drawing, of course.