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Anil Tortop

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Anil Tortop

I am an illustrator, designer and sometimes an animator. I live in Brisbane / Australia since early 2010, for which I left Turkey, the country where I was born and raised.


I'm in this field since I got my bachelor degree of animation in 2005. I've illustrated more than 30 storybooks and some educational books. I've designed, illustrated and animated some apps, TV games and multimedia education materials as well. Currently, I'm a full-time designer at S.E & Sons.


I used to work in Top Publishing in Turkey as a full time illustrator. As the main illustrator of the publishing house, I've leant to be flexible and employ different styles for each book. I think every single book has its unique soul and the style should reflect that accordingly.


I am a member of SCBWI, a huge group of people who most probably like to smell the books (like me). Yes, I love to smell them. When I don't smell them, I read them. (It's also a good idea.)